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The CMO is committed in both pastoral and development projects, without limiting itself in specific areas of intervention. In its mandate is the freedom to meet the priorities identified by its partners in the field, in order to meet the most urgent needs.

Project descriptions are available in French only.
Development projects
1. Education
- Basic adult education
- School related projects
- Material, equipment and infrastructures supporting education
2. Health
- Fighting HIV/AIDS and other pandemics
- Strengthening dispensaries and health systems
3. Governance and Human Rights
- Strengthening local civil society
- Equality between women and men
- Projects promoting justice and peace (prevention of conflicts)
4. Socioeconomic Development, Nutrition and Environment
- Projects encouraging solidarity, economic and private sector development
- Improved food production and security (agriculture, farming, fishing, mills)
- Wells, irrigation and water systems
- Renewable energy (solar panels, wind mills)
5. Humanitarian Assistance
- Emergency help to victims of disasters
Pastoral Projects
1. Formation of religious
- Formation programs for Oblates and members of other religious communities (particularly from small native communities working with the Oblates)
- On-going education programs and vocational training
- Material, equipment and infrastructures required for these programs
2. Pastoral and Cathequesis
- Church-related programs for lay people
- Programs promoting an active involvement of lay people in the Church
3. Ecclesial Organization
- Direct help to parishes and Church infrastructures