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Projects on a human scale, managed by partners who master the local context
Thanks to its long missionary tradition, the CMO benefits from a vast network of contacts, as well as religious and secular partners firmly rooted in the regions where it supports a great variety of projects. In fact, all CMO-financed projects are managed by trustworthy people, often missionaries or nuns, established locally for long periods of time.
Our action is characterized by:
-  Small scale projects for which we offer a financial support, generally not exceeding $5,000.
-  A rigorous analysis of applications and their validation by our local partners.
-  An attentive follow-up of the project’s evolution until completion and receipt of a detailed final
   report including all accounting evidence.
-  Support for denominational as well as for secular initiatives touching
    various aspects of the population’s lives.
Depending on their own beliefs, donors can choose which type of project they would want to finance (church-related or purely secular). However, it must be noted that in accordance to Oblate missionary tradition, the CMO helps people from all cultures and religions, without discrimination.
“The needs of father Claerhout’s people are simple, such as the most essential foodstuffs and fuel, a few rags of clothing, blankets against the bitterly cold Free State winters. At such times the love of God, sober and practical, means the love of one’s neighbor.”

- Quoted from an interview with Fr. Frans Claerhout
Note : Father Claerhout, who passed away in 2005, was an Oblate missionary and a world-renowned painter. From Belgium, he worked in South Africa for many decades. This quote expresses the concrete embodiment of religious principles, in accordance with the Oblate’s vision.