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Each year, the CMO supports its partners’ work in more than forty countries worldwide by funding projects up to CA $3,000. While most of its partners are part of the oblate network, the CMO also collaborates with indigenous religious communities, as well as secular groups from civil society. Although it relies on a vast network of well-established partners in the field, the CMO remains open to the creation of new partnerships that will work towards the well being of a wider population.
However, before creating new partnerships and approving a first draft, the CMO seeks to ensure the reliability of new groups requesting funding. To establish your eligibility, we ask that you send us the following information when you first contact us:
-  Presentation and background information on your religious community or your association.
-  General presentation of the submitted project.
-  Explanation of your relationship to the oblate community already established in your region.
-  A letter from your endorser (legal representative) who is willing
   to vouch for the successful implementation of future projects.
Please note that Canadian government guidelines condition which projects we can accept:
- The CMO does not accept projects whose primary purpose is the construction of buildings or the purchase of vehicles.
- Projects funded must be in accordance with the Charter of the CMO. All funding requests will be evaluated in light of the contents of the charter.
- The CMO must exercise an effective control over the money it sends internationally. As members of its staff do not travel overseas, our partnerships are necessarily with trusted local representatives. We therefore require the recommendation of the local oblate community or of another Canadian or international association with whom we work.
Once your application is received, the CMO will evaluate it and verify the references. If your application is selected, we will send you a project agreement to sign. Once the agreement is finalized, you will be required to send us your complete application for funding. You will also receive the access codes that will allow you to download the forms available in the private section of our website.
Want to become a partner of the CMO? Contact us at projets(a)