Want to help the CMO pursue its mission with the poor? There are several ways to support the work of the Oblates and their partners.

Online giving
In Canada it is possible to make an online donation to the CMO through the CanadaHelps safe, secure and private website, accessible via the button below. A charity receipt, when requested, will be immediately issued by CanadaHelps and sent by E-mail. This well-respected service organization then deducts 3.9% of the amount for administrative costs before forwarding the gift to the CMO. Please be aware of this deduction for the final amount that our overseas partner will receive.

Donate Now
A cash donation is put to use quickly, because it can meet immediate needs. Regardless of the amount of your donation, the CMO provides you with a receipt entitling you to a tax credit for the entire amount of your donation, which results immediately in a tax savings and a reduction of 40% to 50% of the cost of your donation (the reduction is based on your tax rate and your place of residence in Canada). Depending on your preference, the CMO may issue an immediate receipt or annual receipt combining all donations made during a fiscal year. However, please note that the CMO will send a single annual receipt for donations of $15.00 or less.
Please make your check payable to the Centre Missionnaire Oblat and mail to:
Centre Missionnaire Oblat
1215 rue de la Visitation
Montréal (Québec)  H2L 3B5
A gift in your will or a bequest allows you to preserve your financial security while leaving a lasting legacy to the mission of the CMO. You can choose to allocate your bequest to a particular cause or region, as you can support the overall mission of the CMO which will distribute the funds where the needs are greatest.
You can leave in your will:
1. A cash amount;
2. A percentage or a portion of your legacy;
3. The remaining amount, or a portion of it, after specified beneficiaries receive their due.
4. A property.
Charitable donations, up to 100% of net income, make you eligible for a tax credit for the year of death. In addition, you can refer to the following year the unused credits for donations.
Life insurance policy donation
The life insurance policy donation is a way to make a significant contribution later, and this at a modest annual cost. Please consult you financial planner, or call the CMO for more details. If the CMO is appointed as beneficiary of a life insurance policy, your succession is entitled to a tax receipt. It will also benefit from the fact that this donation is excluded from the succession and is therefore not subject to probate fees.

Mass intentions
If you want to perpetuate the memory of a relative or a friend, you can mail us your plans for a Mass offering. The suggested contribution for a private Mass is 5$, and 10$ for a community Mass celebrated in Canada. You also have the opportunity to support the daily life of priests in mission countries, by sending us an offering of 15$ for Masses celebrated in the countries concerned.

Please make your check payable to the Centre Missionnaire Oblat and mail to:
Centre Missionnaire Oblat
1215 rue de la Visitation
Montreal (Quebec)  H2L 3B5
Your support makes all the difference. On behalf of those we support, a great and sincere thank you!

The CMO is a charity organisation registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA): 118847888RR0001.